Mistrymitra Offers 2022

Mistrymitra Offers 2022

Mistrymitra Offers

The construction business in India is developing as a result of continuous urbanization, impending infrastructural projects, and a growing population base. It has risen to become the third-largest contributor to economic growth, thanks to a plethora of active project opportunities. Mistrymitra employs individuals based on their capabilities and talents in fields such as Celling Mistry/ Contractor, Coating and polishing Mistry/ Contractor, Fabrication Mistry/ Contractor, Civil Mistry/ Contractor, Carpenter Mistry/ Contractor, Flooring Mistry/ Contractor, Labor Manson Contractor, Electric Mistry/ Contractor, Painting Contractor/ Painter, Plumbing Mistry/ Contractor, and Waterproof Mistry/ Contractor.

Here at Mistrymitra who is also India’s local search engine we want you to be part of our growing firm and take the advantage of our offers for 2022 which we have for you all. Our offers include:

  • Gujarat Requirement for the Amazon Company – Warehouse Construction

Salary – 22,000 Rs

Working hours – 12 hours per day

Payment day- first 1 to 10 days of the month and second 1 to 5 days of the month Helper required – 250

  • Workers will be provided everything for free on their third working contract with us.

Working with our Mistrymitra team will surely provide you with a wide range of opportunities and will enable you to gain more hands-on experience in your designated field of work. As we set the foundation of Mistrymitra for growth, we have a one-of-a-kind and appealing employee benefits package to assist us to attract, hiring, and retaining an employee. In addition, we have close working connections with our staff. Employees sense this reciprocity when it comes to culture and morale. Employees’ loyalty and retention are enhanced when they know their employer is concerned about their health and well-being. Providing our employees with resources to stay healthy and productive is a win-win situation for both the Mistrymitra team and the employees. Not only that, but we also recruit and retain our employees by offering them benefits for being part of our team. For us, our employees are our priority.

Also, note they will be more offers that will be coming as this year passes, do join us to take the advantage of our offers. We want to make our employees feel rewarded and valued for their efforts if they have a decent benefits package or offers from us. Providing such benefits to our employees also assists us in recruiting and retaining top talent by supporting an employee's family, health, and financial future.

For more information, contact us via Email: Mistrymitra@gmail.com, WhatsApp: 7565997701, visit our website: www.mistrymitra.com, or call us directly on 8470844697 Or even subscribe to us on YouTube to find more videos related to construction and Mistry.