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5 months ago

Name: Rahul Kumar

Address: Purnia, Bihar

Years of work Experience: 3-6 years

Work Description:

  • Shapes or cuts materials to specified measurements, using hand tools, machines, or power saws.
  • Builds or repairs cabinets, doors, frameworks, floors, or other wooden fixtures used in buildings, using woodworking machines, hand tools, or power tools.
  • Assembles and fastens materials to make frameworks or props, using hand tools and wood screws, nails, dowel pins, or glue.
  • Inspects ceiling or floor tile, wall coverings, siding, glass, or woodwork to detect broken or damaged structures.
  • Installs foundations, walls, floors, ceilings, and roofs using materials such as: wood, steel, metal, concrete, plastics, and composites of multiple materials.
  • Fits and installs window frames, doors, door frames, door hardware, interior and exterior trim using a carpenter’s level, plumb bob, and laser levels.

Places I can work: Purnia, Katihar, Bhagalpur

Book Charge: 99 Rupees


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