Saket's Chunai Plaster Block Tiles Work

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5 months ago

Name: Dinesh Kumar Saket

Address: S/O: Kedar Nath, Makan no.137, gram post Kukudijhar, The Gopadbanas, Kukdijhar, Sidhi.

Years of work Experience: 5 years

Work Description:

  • Cut tiles and shape them properly to ensure they fit around obstacles and in tight corners and odd spaces using power and hand tools
  • Form tile beds using concrete, plaster, mastic, cement, glue or mortar utilizing tools such as screeds, brushes, and trowels
  • Align tiles and straighten them with straightedges, levels and squares to ensure patterns are even and precise
  • Cut, install, polish and surface granite and marble and ensure accuracy during the installation process for lasting results
  • Prepare various surfaces for tiling with waterproofing material or lath and by cleaning the surfaces properly
  • Create decorative wall and floor designs by laying and setting mosaic tiles in kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms
  • Tap tiles into place carefully using tools to properly adhere tiles to the base, making sure not to break or damage tiles

Places I can work: All over India

Book Charge: 99 Rupees


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